Is the IICSA’s Truth Project open to an abuse of process?

Outside of the huge amounts of money being spent on what is essentially a show and tell session in which anyone can claim they have been abused as a child. You can also choose where it is you want to ‘tell’ and they, well, ‘we’ the taxpayer, will foot the bill. So, let’s just say you live in Newcastle upon Tyne and you fancy a trip down to Cornwall to visit a mate, you email the Truth Project, you tell them you were abused as a child, they will take that at face value and organise the meeting in an area of your choosing. This is a meeting you can end at any time. So nip in, start to say something, say you can’t cope leave and bobs your uncle. Free travel and a hotel.

Details of what the Truth Project provides can be found here.

That is not my biggest concern however. The much bigger worry is this:

We will pass on your contact details to the police if you agree for us to do so. However, we will pass on your details without your agreement to the police or other relevant authorities if we believe there is a child protection concern or someone is at risk of serious harm.”

So, let’s say for argument’s sake the complainant has already taken their concerns to the police, the police have subsequently decided that no further action is going to be taken, all of a sudden another opportunity presents itself. ‘Tell’ The Truth Project and they will pass it over to the police again, this time however, with the ‘weight’ of IICSA behind it. It is all they do, they have no other involvement, however this is a government body and if they ‘refer’ a case, then you can guarantee that it will be looked at, so that that police force does not leave itself open to criticism later in the process.

Think it isn’t happening? Think again. The one thing I have learnt about the false accusers, is they do NOT give up until they get what they want and they will manipulate every part of the system to get what they want.

I predict a further trenche of false allegations. I predict the reopening of cases that had been put to bed by the CJS. I predict that another scandal is brewing. The use of a government led, tax payer funded process that will and probably already has been used to abuse and manipulate the processes laid down in law.









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