Pandora’s box. A false allegation.

This was an alleged shaken baby case. A case that even today haunts me. I think that when I was challenged to post up the evidence of what I said in a tweet, there may have been a reluctance to believe what I was stating. We have to trust the medical profession given our reliance upon them. It is sometimes ill placed. My tweet challenges that automatic trust. It undermines our beliefs. It does however demonstrate that the ‘I believe’ mantra is not limited exclusively to alleged sexual offences.

This is a case in which I had involvement from its inception. At the request of the child’s grandmother and the Legal team. I helped. I was deeply immersed in every aspect of this case. From supporting the family to the long drawn out legal process. To trawling thousands of pages of medical records Police interviews and unused material.

This is a case in which, having taken a detailed medical history from family members having access to medical records. I knew from the outset, was a case in which Vitamin D deficiency was the single biggest factor. Everything they told me pointed to hypocalcaemia. Everything I then gleaned from the medical records just served to support that theory, I was backed up by the experts to whom I turned.

A short simplistic lesson in endocrinology. Outside of extensive research I also have the luxury of having paediatric endocrinologists to whom I turn to for advice. They are like rocking horse shit in the UK. Highly specialised area of medicine, which sadly has contributed to the current problems when diagnosing infants and children and has significantly impacted on cases that find their way into our CJS. My ‘go to’s’ do not practise their expertise in the UK. The UK experts tend to have been ‘bought’ by the CPS. They have more money than the defence when it comes to paying for an expert. These ‘experts’ also tend to play the blame game, because to do otherwise means they are run out of town or they are what we call ‘the buy to lies’. You don’t mess with the CJS or Family division as an expert witness, as evidenced in the cases of Dr Waney Squier and Dr Colin Patterson.  You do NOT buck the system or the system will f**k you over. It is seen as a betrayal of your ‘esteemed’ colleagues.  Bearing in mind, unlike any other country, the doctors, the police and the CPS have the same employer, the government, independence is not an option unless you want to be ostracised.

For those of you who are unaware Vitamin D is a misleading label, Vitamin D is NOT a vitamin at all, it’s a hormone. Disingenuous …. deliberately in my opinion because there is a vast difference as to what happens to our bodies when it comes to a vitamin and a hormone.

The darker your skin, the more unable you are to absorb vitamin D normally (sunlight) Pregant women are high risk for Vit D deficiency and breast fed babies are at particular risk if Mum is Vit D deficient too. Vitamin D deficiency causes hypocalcaemia (not enough calcium) this leads to brittle bones babies can be born with it and in its severest form, fitting, fitting that can lead to death. Vitamin D deficiency has become one of the major health hazards in our modern day society. The main reason why the food companies now add it to food.

That helps to a degree, but in certain people it is the body’s inability to absorb vitamin D at all that creates the problem. No amount of adding vitamin D will elevate the levels.

I am not going to go into great detail about this case for a number of reasons. It’s too complex for a start and secondly I find it deeply distressing. However people need to know what really goes on in some of these criminal cases in which child abuse is alleged. The things I know, the things I have witnessed and ultimately the devastating actions of the CJS assisted by the medical profession when parents are suspects. It might go some way to explain why in my world, the blame the parent game, rather than ‘we, the medical profession, screwed up’ the levels of suicide are so high. The most common phrases I hear coming out of parents mouths is ‘if only I had known, did I do something that hurt my child without knowing, if only somebody had told me, if only I had sought expert advice, then my child might not of died.’

Ultimately they feel responsible, even when they were not and believe me that plays into how they give evidence. They already feel they failed their child, they feel they need to be punished. It is truly heartbreaking, this case did break my heart, does break my heart and will probably break yours too now. Not one single member of this much loved baby’s family was permitted to see the baby. No cuddles, no soft words, no goodbyes. The baby died unwashed, unchanged and all alone because the heartless CJS said that this was how it had to be. I struggle with that to this day. There is no justification. Nothing the CJS gleaned from that child in evidence came from DNA evidence or swabs, it was all about the post mortem.  It was cruel and unnecessary. Most of all though it was deliberate, that baby as a human meant nothing. The family, their welfare,  meant nothing. It was a futile excercise in the end. No winners,  just a trail of utter despair and broken trust.

The dates and times are important. Please cross reference them. I have redacted the documents I am posting for obvious reasons. I can send full documents to interested parties for the sake of proving that my editing is not biased. The documents are the highlights for ease of reading. Nothing I have done changes the narrative. The times, dates and statements tell the story I am trying to convey. That humanity was overridden in the desire to ‘win’ a case.

The paediatrician that received this baby onto the unit stated from the outset ‘This is a shaken baby case and the baby will die’  He fulfilled his own prophesy, he made sure the baby did die having told the parents that it was hopeless, the evidence says otherwise, brain dead babies don’t breath in air unaided for 10 hours. I know from personal experience, outside of my vast experience working in SBS cases since 1997. My grandson nearly died from meningitis, he was put on a ventilator, he was heavily sedated, he was only taken off the ventilator when brain scans indicated a reduction in swelling of the brain, he was then put back on it as a precautionary measure until they reduced the sedation and he tried to pull out the tube. This baby was sedated and STILL he breathed in air on his own. Brain injured, probably, dead NO.

The parents were pursuaded he was brain dead already. That is why they agreed to stop the ventilation. They were lied to.

The police ordered no cares. The baby was not touched, stroked, loved as he lay dying. He was ‘the evidence’

The baby breathed in air unaided for 10 hours, he was NOT clinically dead, he also moved around.

He appeared to be making some progress after he was intravenously fed baby milk with all its supplements.

They removed his catheter and he then started to deteriorate again.

The post mortem showed a distended bladder. This would mean a fluid build up on the brain too.

Ask yourselves who actually killed the child?

Ask yourselves did the child die because of the police and shaken baby zealots overriding desire to prosecute these innocent parents and win the case at ALL costs in a period of time in which serious questions were being raised about the veracity of these cases, where this police and hospital unit had already lost several high profile cases and serious questions about them were being raised in the media?

The parents, having been crucified by the CJS were found NG they did not have the energy to pursue any action against the people involved. I respected their decision. I didn’t agree, but they could not be subjected to any further harm. There was no money for the legal profession to take it up on their behalf. In any event, after the NG verdict a coverup ensued. Destruction of medical records and other documents. An entire box of records relating to alleged shaken baby cases went ‘missing’ from The Stratford Team’s offices (MPS Child murder team). Fact, I have that in writing from a senior police officer who had some involvement, he was so concerned he whistleblew to me, he didn’t dare do it publicly, he knew what would happen. That baton was handed over to me. I did report it, it was ignored. I have kept all the evidence relating to this case safe.








Post mortem report









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