The impact of false allegations on genuine victims. A rant.

I have worked in this field for more years than I care to think about. I know it inside out, I have lived breathed and been a “victim” of false allegations. The police were so busy chasing me, that they failed to protect children. That is a provable fact in my cases.

I have seen every single facet of this. From campaigner through to being an inmate. There is not one single aspect of this arena that I have not witnessed or experienced. As a family we have been subjected to all the ‘drama’ that goes hand in hand with the whole scenario. Moral panic has engulfed an entire nation, yet again.

False allegations, a phrase chucked around so often now that it is beginning to slide off people’s tongues. A sad indictment to how used to this the public are beginning to become. Never properly understanding that they are not safe, it could happen to them. Never taking into account the toll this takes, not just on the people to whom this happens, but the entire criminal justice system, child protection and ultimately their taxes.

Every time a false allegation is made, a genuine victim of child abuse is put at further risk. It takes far more resource to “prove a negative” than it does to accumulate evidence of a genuine case of abuse.

Many police forces have recently ‘had to’ undertake massive time consuming investigations into allegations of historical abuse. Those allegations have been made against numerous people, from police officers to MP’s. They date back 25+ years. Some allegations involve areas that covers 80 square of national park woodland. Others have involved areas of London, both venues would have been visited by thousands of people since the alleged offences occurred.

There is no “forensic” evidence to support these allegations they date back too far, no DNA, no fingerprints, no fibre evidence, nothing, yet the police will have to spend time trying to corroborate the alleged victims claims. Imagine how much effort that has taken. Imagine the hours of intensive labour it must take trying to shore up allegations that are almost impossible to substantiate. Imagine how else that time could be spent.

Many counties have serious child sexual exploitation problems, outside of the normal every day cases of intra familial child abuse ongoing, current, in which children are at risk now. With government cuts on police budgets, most forces are already over stretched, yet so many police forces out there are having to use precious resource investigating the most bizarre historical claims. This is further complicated by the alleged victims courting the media to promote their allegations, some of which, because of the attention they get, become even more outlandish, requiring even more manpower to investigate. Some alleged victims, clearly mentally ill, have been used by media groups, others have used the media for their own narcissistic pathalogical need for attention. There is also the fact that Chief Constables keep one eye on the budget and the other on the media, adverse publicity trumps budget every time.

Many of the ‘celebrity’ alleged victims have fan bases, mostly on social media. It is an interesting phenomenon. But serves to feed the egos of the claimants. All of this further adds to the investigatory/manpower problems for the police, who are constantly contacted whenever anyone questions the veracity of alleged victims claims. We now have ‘victim groupies’. The whole thing is insane.

Whilst all these alleged victims, with outlandish claims that involve ‘multiple perpetrators’ easily disproven by anyone with half a brain, continue to tie up valuable resource, today’s vulnerable children are being put at further risk, not enough cops on the ground to cover everything. Yet these ‘star victims’ will publicly claim that ‘they are doing it for all abused children’ – really? Because if I was aware that an investigation into my childhood abusers (most of whom will be long dead) for which there are allegedly corroborating evidence by way of files held with the MOD, was diluting the protection for children today, it would be a no brainer, no way would I tie up the police. I can’t change what happened, but I can contribute to it not happening again by allowing the police to get on with their job protecting today’s children.

Every single time a claim is disproven, as is happening more and more often now, a little bit of ‘belief’ will die in the public’s mind, making it harder and harder for genuine victims of child abuse to be believed and heard. Their allegations will already be on the back burner because of the ‘high profile’ alleged victims.

This new breed of attention seeking ‘victim’ are ultimately responsible for not only creating doubt in the minds of Joe public, they are responsible for every child who is overlooked because the cops were too busy chasing ghosts that are nothing more than the figment of somebody’s imagination.

To contextualise. I do believe that all allegations of child abuse must be taken seriously by the police, but at the point when it is clear that there is a problem with the veracity of the claims, or the honesty of the claimant, it has to stop, to free up the resource.

Every child matters. The children of the falsely accused matter, the children of the genuine victims of child abuse matter, the adult who was abused as a child matters, but most of all, the children who have yet to be identified to us, the ones suffering abuse right this minute, matter the most, because they can be saved (not all of them, we will never achieve that) and we have a moral and social duty to ensure that the police are empowered to do more, it is just plain evil to lie for attention and take up their time, time that could be spent preventing another child from coming to harm. Be it on their heads.

The CJS should come down hard on those who do this. Actions = Consequences. Instead of pussy footing around them, sometimes the ‘poor child abuse victim’ is nothing more than a manipulative attention seeking liar and for that there should be punishment.

I apologise in advance if this blog has offended any genuine victim of child abuse. That is not my intention.





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