Sticks and Stones

Growing up my dad always said to me “sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you”

I am sure that was meant to reassure me. It didn’t, however it did thicken my skin to a degree. Since then we have moved on. Far from “not hurting” it is well established in scientific research that verbal abuse, if anything, can cause far more harm than physical abuse. Children/people who are repeatedly told they are worthless and will amount to nothing, who are never told that they are loved, who are never praised, really do not fair well. Then of course is the high suicide rate amongst young people who are called names, both to their faces or on social media.

With that in mind you would think that any person who is a survivor of child abuse in any guise, would not, under any circumstances, be called a paedophile or paedophile supporter just because they have questioned the agenda of a certain group or person. You would be wrong. Interestingly enough, one of the survivors who is being called a paedophile has had his abusers convicted after a long battle to bring them to justice. Convincing convictions too. No grey area here. There really is no doubt that the men convicted were paedophiles. The “dark side” that are name calling this person, have not had anyone convicted of child abuse. In fact one of them has been called a liar by the judge in court when his case was prosecuted, another has an ever evolving story about the alleged abuse she suffered. These people don’t get their own hands dirty per se, they have a set of attack dogs they use to go after the people who question them. Brave huh! Cult tactics. Either join them showing absolute devotion and belief or be cast out.

These s called “campaigners” spend their lives trying to get people to believe that this abuse survivor, those that support him and his beliefs (which are pretty much evidenced now) are paedophiles or paedophile supporters. Trying to isolate them, baiting them, deliberately and maliciously trying to cause them the most harm they can. Often hiding behind pseudonyms. These are not trolls, these are the behaviours seen in abusers, the very same behaviours survivors would have been subjected to as children. Veiled threats and intimidation. Verbal violence. “Shut up or worse will happen”

As a loosely formed group, and it is loose because whilst we agree on some things, we don’t all agree on everything, however we behave like adults and agree to disagree without descending into verbal violence, we find ourselves moved to try and protect people who are subjected to this vitriol.  The one common denominator for each of us being that we would never call somebody a child sexual abuser as a means of control, as a means of isolating, as a means to do harm. It is coercive, it is abuse, it is a crime, a hate crime at that, we are different to them, that difference is the difference between offender and victim. These people behave like offenders. And just maybe the name calling is the cover for what they really are and all of what they do and say is a distraction technique.

I have written this up so that should anything happen as a direct result of what these abusers are doing there is a documented record of the harm they are causing. I am becoming increasingly concerned, given the fragility of some of their targets, that at some point they will push somebody over the edge. At the moment they are holding the gun, they may not pull the trigger, but they are holding the gun. Playing Russian Roulette with other people’s lives.

I quote from a forensic psychiatrist friend of mine who has looked at this at my request. This is in part, is what they say about the abusive paedophile tweets “I find myself revolted by these behaviours and do not care to read any further, this is symptomatic of deeply disturbed individuals, it will end in tears one way or another”

Remember that phrase. “Deeply disturbed individuals”.


3 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones

  1. Really strange you should write this blog with these words, as only a couple of days ago I wrote my victim impact statement for an upcoming court case against a few people who have been causing both myself and others so much pain and suffering over the last few years, on the end of my statement I wrote “I believe that people who take to the internet and troll others should be treated in the same way as other criminals, because words can hurt more than sticks and stones, and believe me they do” As a survivor of CSA I know only too well the battle we have fought to be the people we are today, yet the triggers are still there, and this small group of bullies know that, so they use them very much like those who abused us as children knew it.

    I’m still standing after all the pain and suffering from my past
    Time which sometimes stood still for a little while
    Giving me hope that the pain wouldn’t last
    Out of breath, heart pounding standing on the shattered glass
    Hate filled words written, bring echo’s from my past

    I like you am afraid that these inhuman people will drive someone beyond the edge!


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