Munchausen By Internet


Does the person you are supporting or “rescuing” display any of the traits listed below? If they do, be very wary of your continuing support. Don’t forget Social Media is predominantly virtual. 9 times out of 10 the supporters of these people will not know them personally as such it is very easy for the perpetrator to con followers, grooming them into believing every word they say, eliciting cult like behaviour if anyone dares to challenge their “leader”.



Firstly, whilst I have significant hands on experience in this area, that includes many months of interaction with families, attendances in court, 1000’s of hours researching medical records, attending conferences with the legal and medical profession, I am not a professional. I have however been fortunate enough to have worked along side some of the most experienced legal and medical minds in this complex area of law and medicine. I include in that Professor Marc Feldman who is the world’s leading authority on MSbP and was the first to recognise Munachausen by Internet.

Paradoxically, Professor Feldman and I spent many years at loggerheads with each other. Many times being on the opposite side of the fence in some of the highest profile legal cases on both sides of the Atlantic. Through much dialogue over a period of time, for which I am truly grateful, we came to the obvious conclusion, that in fact we both wanted the same thing, the truth. Both of us admitting that at times, in our zeal to prove our points, we had been wrong in some cases. Me believing a parent or carer was not guilty, he believing another parent or carer was guilty. Both of us then moved to find a more balanced approach. Sadly the British doctors like Meadow and Southall remained resolute in their stance of never being wrong. He sets an example to them.

In part, this particular blog is dedicated to Marc. His insight and assistance over the last 10 years has helped me redefine my undertsanding of how complex Munchausen is and taught me to rid myself of previous bias. He truly is a visionary when it comes to human behaviour having written up Munchausen By Internet long before it became the problem it now is. And has always helped me whenever I have needed expert input or academic research in this area.

Please read Marc’s first paper, I have included the link. It will give you a better understanding of what MBI is and the personality types of those that undertake these behaviours so clearly evidence on social media now.

I do not intend giving my own version of events. The papers speak for themselves. What I do however ask is that anyone reading this applies it to people on social media and asks themselves whether or not the person they are “rescuing” is telling the truth.





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