Gathering the evidence not the words. Warning content could trigger or upset.


I am posting up just one research paper outlining injuries you would, NOT may, WOULD see in a child that had been raped, let alone raped multiple times on any given day. One article is sufficient to support what I am saying. There are many more, there is no need to labour the point however. I hope that anyone who takes the time to read this is also competent enough to undertake their own research.

Twenty years of campaigning have included a significant interaction with the CJS as well as Family Division.

During the era of prior hysteria, Munchausen SIDS cases, I genuinely thought I had seen it all when it came to failure to investigate etc. At least the police back then had genuine cause to say “not our fault” they weren’t doctors and had been seriously misled by this country’s esteemed medical “experts” who had been afforded so much power that everyone just took their word for it. Paradoxically the same experts today are deafeningly silent, even though they are the key to either proving or disproving the cases.

This time round however, it is the fault of the investigators and the alleged victims. They chose to believe stories that even to the untrained eye raise serious concerns regarding the veracity. Furthermore details of the accused keep being leaked to the media. Which in turn has led to the morons on social media screaming paedophile every two minutes. Very dangerous and potentially polluting the jury pool. Presumption of innocence has gone. Some of this was the police’s fault, advertising their wares so to speak,  more worrying, much of it was by the alleged victims themselves. Protesting their victimhood at every opportunity and worse still attacking other genuine victims for questioning how it is they are conducting themselves.

Far be it for me to tell the police how to do their jobs, but, here’s the thing. If somebody claims to have been repeatedly raped from a very young age by multiple perpetrators, you have to question why it is that the first port of call would not be a forensic internal examination, just as happens with a current allegation of sexual abuse. You see, if a child that young had been penetrated multiple times, there would be forensic evidence. Scarring. There would have been internal injuries. In fact children of the ages being bandied about, have died through internal bleeding as a direct result of rape.

This might make for uncomfortable reading, it is this part that seemingly has been avoided from the outset. Time to talk sexual abuse and the physical effects.

The average size of a male erect penis is 4.59 inches in length and 1.5 inches width.  Just think about that in relation to a small child. Don’t think about the act. Think about the PHYSICAL damage the act does, not may do, not sometimes, does. It’s a fact.

Every single account I can find either via news articles or medical research papers, describing the rape of children as young as some of the now celebrity status accusers are, state that at the very least, the damage was so great that they have needed colostomy bags for a significant period of time after the assault. That there was extensive intestinal damage, damage to the uterus leaving them infertile, damage to urological mechanisms, leaving them incontinent, sometimes permanently.

Going to school the next day as if nothing had happened is not physically possible. Ask any expert in the medical profession. How about investigations that start with what CAN be proven in support of an allegation of HCSA. A medical examination and retrieval of all medical records at that time. A young child rape victim ( 3-10) of multiple offenders would not be able to walk, would not be able to go to school the next day, would have had ongoing significant genital/urinary problems and had the rape been anal, the same would apply. The injuries would be significant.

I would have far more confidence in the police if they at least started with the potential to gather some forensic evidence. The alleged victims medical records should be seized at the outset. And presumably the alleged victim will sign the consent form if they have nothing to hide…….










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