Making of a Paedophile Ring

I don’t doubt that there are child sex offenders within the halls of power in this country, not because I am a conspiracy theorist, just because there are paedophiles in all walks of life, just as there are rapists and domestic violence perpetrators.

Statistically, you could argue that there may be more child sex offenders amongst the elite, given that we know that some children who have been sexually abused go on to abuse themselves and given the fact that many of those elite were privately educated, often boarding. These establishments, whether a fee paying school or a care home, being the hunting ground for people who prey on the vulnerable. It’s not rocket science.

Since the Savile debacle there has been an unleashing of mass hysteria. Fanned by both the media and politicians. Salacious uncorroborated headlines of child sexual abuse. Each story becoming more and more lurid. Claims of Lords, MP’s, Police Officers, etc being involved in sex parties and the murdering of children. It became a competition of sorts. Which media outlet  could parade “the most abused” alleged victim.

It is so bad, that if you combine all these stories and that is what they are, stories, until evidentially tested in a court, you would think that you were watching a very bad conspiracy b movie.

The single biggest problem with all of this is that the irresponsible media, in giving oxygen to these attention seeking “victims”, has done the greatest disservice of all to genuine victims of CSA. The fact is, statistically proven, that most CSA is intrafamilial. It doesn’t involve taking children from their homes at night down to London or into woods surrounded by “guards”.  It is a relative or family friend, seizing the opportunity to abuse when nobody else is around. It is the “carer” in either the fee paying school, or the care home doing much the same thing. Opportunistic offences when and where they can. Like most offenders, there is a degree of planning, grooming of victims and those that care about them in order to access them. If, therefore, they are devious, it is highly unlikely they are going to have a load of witnesses to these events, let alone people who did not participate but stood guard whilst they committed multiple offences. Sadly, for your “average” CSA victim, all of the above spells trouble for them. These uncorroborated stories, peddled in the media and eventually dismissed, tars them all with the same brush.

Then other problems arise. Genuine victims, who know some of these stories not to be true, in an effort to ensure that they are distanced from the “celebrity victims”, investigate the grandiose and often ridiculous claims of the “professional victims”. A job for the police you might think, sadly not after the latest admissions from them.

They blog and tweet evidence that contradicts the claims that have been made in the media. Just as well they have, given that nobody else seems to want to use the word LIAR. No, it’s all wrapped up in pretty politically correct speak. “Vulnerable” “mental health problems” “confused” the new words for pathalogical liars.

And just as Savile made headlines, so the climate has changed, as it always does. Never any parity, swinging from one extreme to the other. “VIP sex party murder claims” to “**** is a fantasist none of it is true”.

In many ways there are parallels with Making a Murderer. Had we stuck cameras on “Nick” “Darren” “Jane” and “Becky” as well as on the police and CPS, and alleged abusers from the outset, I garauntee that you would have witnessed much the same things going on and you would have had a hit documentary called Making a Pedophile Ring.

I don’t doubt that some of the fantasists were abused in some form, after all it is neglect and abuse that creates these personality disorders. I do believe they have been actively encouraged, groomed, to make the stories more and more salacious to sell copy. I also believe, despite their “mental illnesses” they should be prosecuted. Not just because innocent people got caught up in this, but because they betrayed genuine victims of abuse. An example needs to be set.

I will finish with this. There is footage. It is currently in the hands of the police and lawyers and those it affected and being subjected to investigation. There is footage that proves that there was the “Making of a Paedophile Ring”. One day you will see for yourselves just how all the above was done and how the masses were persuaded by people who were in it for the fame, kudos and money.







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