Corporate Manslaughter Act Suicides Young Offenders Units


Last night’s Panorma was excruciating viewing. Painful in ways that cannot properly be aired on Social Media sites such as Twitter. Not only was the content distressing to watch, it was powerful enough to evoke memories of institutional abuse in so many that have suffered this type of abuse at the hands of their so called “carers”.

I find it difficult to express the revulsion and antipathy I felt towards the members of G4S who, with sadistic glee, took pleasure in tormenting their vulnerable charges. Goading them into reactions that they could then “restrain”. It also set off alarm bells in my head.

That word “restrain” is a euphemism for abuse. In fact what I witnessed last night amounts to several criminal offences under PACE.

These boys, some of whom really had nobody to protect them, are already vulnerable, already harmed, already suffering, yet what I witnessed was predators, make no mistake that’s what they were, getting jobs in positions where they can abuse their power. How many times have we seen this.

The outcry should be far louder than it is. Tax payers, this is your money, this is what you pay for, acceptable use of your hard earned cash? Acceptable that children are state sponsored victims of terror tactics paid for by you? What could you do for an orphan if you were given £130,000 per annum? I suspect much more than the state does.

Sadly I believe this story will disappear as fast as it became mainstream news. Why, because nobody cares about the “criminal” element of our society. They don’t want to be confronted with the damage done to them. That damage then contributing to suicides, reoffending and ultimately more of that hard earned cash being used to continually mop up after societies “dust bin kids.”

You should care, there but for the grace of God go all of us. Dependent upon education, family background etc. A post code lottery, we do not choose to whom we are born, they as children, do not choose to have the sorts of lives these young people have, we don’t know how we would react if put in similar situations.

All I know is this, my very abusive boarding school nuns engendered in me a reaction that today could have seen me put in a young offenders unit. The more they harmed me and my fellow boarders, the more defiant I became. My only saving grace was I was educated, educated enough to know that I could not replicate their behaviour and harm innocent people. What chance do these children stand when we and it is WE, allow this type of abuse to go on?

Soldiers are arrested and charged with war crimes if they do this to their prisoners. Parents are arrested and charged with child abuse if they do that to their children. That is the gravity of what was witnessed last night. I am not going to hold my breath that such serious sanctions will be imminent for these state sanctioned child abusers though, the state is always very slow to admonish its “mistakes”.

Let me leave you with this thought. There have been many suicides in young offenders units over the years. I hope people now think about what might have led up to those “suicides” and understand why it is that every single death in custody should be investigated under the new Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007. How hard would it have been, if whilst a “restraint” cut off the airway led to a death or coma, for anyone to have reconstructed as a suicide by hanging? Think that couldn’t happen. You saw the evidence last night. Men who were abusive, sadistic liars. Falsifying reports and using that as a restraining method.







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