Victim V Victim

Everyone applauded when the CSA Inquiry was launched. The evidence was all too clear. So many children in institutions, the state as the parent, provably a failure. Rotherham polarised that. Then there was the announcement that the inquiry would also be looking at allegations of “VIP” paedophile rings and all hell broke loose

All of sudden out of nowhere, relatively unheard of victim/campaigners were being appointed on to an advisory panel without consultation. Some victim/campaigners, quite rightly, objected. They wanted to know why it was “the chosen” had been chosen. They never got the answers and before too long after highly publicised spats, the Home Office decided there would be no advisory panel that included victims. Hardly surprising given the very public war of words which then turned into full blown attacks on social media. “Victim” v “Victim”.

These “spats” turned into something pretty ugly very early on because now, not only were the “leaders” of each of the divisions of “victims” attacking, so were their loyal troops. Before long it had disintegrated into full on bullying whilst the leaders of each of the factions vied to be top dog. Professional suicide would have been the term I used, however none of this was professional, it was vicious and nasty.

Any wonder Goddard then surrounded herself with lawyers. To have any credibility at all and to be able to get on with the job in hand without the distraction of all of this, necessitated this move.

Having made that decision, you would have thought that the various “groups” would have settled down. After all it was in their interests to unite under one banner, not necessarily agree on everything and push forward with their evidence. The needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few. You would have thought they would have set aside their differences to honour the claims they publicly make on their timelines or bios, that they are doing this “for the abused children”. You would be wrong if you thought that would happen. It got worse.

There are personalities involved in this that are determined that their voices will be the loudest and there is nothing they won’t do to ensure that happens. They will undermine anyone who does not agree with them, encourage their entourage to attack, call other victims names, such as “paedophile protectors” or worse still “Paedophile” – anyone who even questions their motives or agenda is also called a paedophile or a paedophile supporter. These are not the actions of a true victim, these are behaviours that are seen in abusers, and I don’t mean sex offenders,  albeit they do groom their followers, I mean people that abuse other people and seriously undermine their credibility.

It comes to something when blogs have to be set up to point all this out. Blogs that now post the evidence of not just their behaviour, which is disgraceful and is a disservice to all genuine victims of abuse, but blogs that post evidence that proves that some of the protagonists who see themselves as the “leaders” are actually out and out liars. Liars who believe it is their right to represent other victims.

What chance does the ordinary person, who was subjected to abuse as a child stand when the “celebrity” victims are busy trashing any chance of being taken seriously all over social media for no other reason than to be the “most abused and important one” If they truly cared, as they say they do, they would, quietly go away, reflect on their behaviour, apologise and stop hurting so many others, “their own”. Of course they won’t Pandora’s box is open and you can’t shut the lid.

As the saying goes, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Not only was the hand bitten, the arm has been ripped to shreds. All for their own selfish agendas.








2 thoughts on “Victim V Victim

  1. I honestly believe that much of this is a variation on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. A deep-seated desire to appear as a true provider of care and support with those they see as “their own” (almost like their own children perhaps).

    Another aspect of Munchausen’s is that people with this maladaptive behavior (largely because of their insistence on being perceived as “the only person who really cares”) are usually mistrustful and dismissive of others, especially those with professional training and experience.

    It in no way follows that people displaying these tendencies are inventing their own sexual abuse trauma (Munchausen without the Proxy aspect maybe). Indeed, it serves as a powerful reinforcement in validating the behaviour.

    Arguably, the most concerning issue with the Proxy component is the need to, not only discover child sexual abuse victims (who perhaps would rather remain undiscovered), but for those victims to continue to experience the trauma that ensued from their experiences, and consequently continue to suffer as a result.

    Resolving trauma does not mean diminishing the impact of the abuse, nor should a victim ever be expected to “forget about it”. Just to accept that it was a part of one’s life, and be justifiably angry about it, but that it is no longer a part of one’s life.


  2. I’ve gone into this, with a bit more detail, on my blog and named some of the worst, because of the harm caused. Not being spelling police, but i think you mean paedophie protectors, rather than protestors, and even i have been called vile names, as i have worked to debunk the latest hoax case, that became viralised in amongst this…..It managed to damage many with the howls of disgusting names to anyone who saw through it and gifted the naysayers with labels, we had largely gotten rid of, eg. Witchunters, vigilantes, fantasists, because of their diabolical actions. I am pleased to see that some are now in court proceedings for witness intimidation, and others are being cautioned…..fact is that they got people to viralise images of child abuse, unwittingly, largely, for a child abuser, but that they were manipulated and encouraged to do so, by some pretending to spearhead anti child abuse or child protection campaigns, is so horrendous, i had to step in, once safe for me to do so. I too tho, have been dismayed by the cliques, and little gangs. I tend to channel/promote alot of groups and people active on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse, There are so many survivors of CSA out there, we come in all shapes, sizes and guises. We are of different faiths or non believers, and we may have differing opinions of what is needed……. There is though, now a Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel.


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